What if now is the time to stop pretending you’re not strong enough / brave enough / capable enough and finally acknowledge your greatness?

What if the world needs exactly you and your gifts to make a global change for the better?

What if now is the time for new you and for a new world?

During the workshop, you will learn the Access Bars® technique, which has the potential to change all the areas you are willing to change. Yes, even the ones that you've been trying to change for years without any progress.

And you know what's the best thing about it? You don’t need to delve into traumas and dramas of the past in order to achieve the desired change - you just indulge and enjoy yourself!

Are you ready to explore what is possible when we choose to be powerful?

Access Bars is a fundamental tool of Access Consciousness that clears all the places inside you where you are stuck and all the beliefs that do not empower you. Access Bars® represents 32 points on your head which we stimulate with a gentle touch. In this way, the brain goes into the theta state, which is a state of deep relaxation. The self-healing of the body is activated and a space of new awareness opens up in your life. Gentle and relaxing pressure on the points on your head erases limiting beliefs, attitudes and subconscious patterns where all your potentials are locked. This is how you access a life where there are more opportunities, more freedom, joy and satisfaction.

Access Bars® is, at worst, a divinely relaxing head massage, and at best, it has the potential to change your entire life!

Above all, Access Bars® is a technique that gives you more of yourself! The unnecessary ballast with which we have limited our wonderful Being is removed. You stop caring about what others think and want from you, and you start asking yourself: What do I know about it / what do I really want in life / what kind of life do I want to create if there are no limits?

You will practice and receive Access Bars® twice during the workshop. You will also learn about other practical tools that will help create a new, better future for you, for your loved ones and for the entire planet.

After completing a one-day workshop, you obtain an international certificate and the Access Bars® practitioner title. You can run bars on on your loved ones, on yourself, or participate in Access exchanges.

Link to a clip about Access Bars®:

If you know that something more is possible and you want more freedom, lightness, relaxation and happiness, then this workshop is for you! Get in touch with me today and book your date!


What if it is possible to worship your body?

Energy Facelift is a lifting for your face, your whole body and your whole life. It is one of over 60 different body processes of Access Consciousness.

It is performed on the décolleté, face and head with gentle touches. If necessary, it is also used on the feet or elsewhere on the body.
It affects your whole body and brings new energy, more dynamism, plenty of changes and the will to live.

It is a technique that clears all the places where you don't perfectly accept your body, as it helps you transform all judgments and beliefs about what your body should be like.

Some people report that Facelift has brought even more changes into their lives than bars. Wow! How does it get even better than this?

Over 30 different energies are triggered in this process, such as MTVSS and cellular memory. It is R-E-A-L-L-Y powerful.

The effects of Facelift are:

fresh and youthful appearance, taut skin on the body, wrinkles become less pronounced, facial expression is much more relaxed, calm, fresh and radiant. In addition, it affects the regeneration of internal organs, breasts, energizes the body, brings dynamic changes in life, greater ability to receive, and so on…

After a Facelift treatment, clients noticed:

more energy, less wrinkles and strict lines, improved vision, radiant appearance, firmer, smoother and healthier skin, faster healing of scars, alleviated pimples and acne, regeneration of internal organs, firmer chest, a vivid and an energized body, healthier overall appearance, more clarity, dynamic changes in life and a greater ability to receive, enjoy, and accept your body.

After completing a one-day workshop, you will receive an Access Facelift® international certificate and become an Access Facelift® practitioner.

You can then do Energy Facelift® treatments on your clients, relatives, or even on yourself. You can also participate in Energy Facelift® treatment exchanges.

During the workshop, you will receive and perform a facelift treatment twice.

When you change your attitude towards your body, your attitude towards everything in your life changes.


Reflexology is based on the realization that every part of the body responds to a specific point on the feet. By pressing on these points we can relax and balance the whole body. This way we stimulate self-healing abilities of the body, and restore balance and harmony in the person.

The technique is intended for better well-being, relaxation, deepening the relationship with oneself and overcoming emotional, energetic and other challenges.
The process takes place on several levels: physical, emotional, energetic and spiritual.

We will delve into the foot massage intuitively, we will explore the reflex zones and observe how we feel when we touch a certain area of the foot.

During the course we will meditate, in this way we connect with ourselves and the Universe and prepare to enter the "space" from which we will perform reflexotherapy.

We will start with a massage of our feet, in this way we develop love and care for ourselves. Then we will exchange a massage.

You will receive a short manual - a “foot and palm map” and a certificate of completion.

If you would like to learn these simple but very effective techniques, you are invited to join us for the course!
You are welcome to bring a husband / wife with you. It's amazing to have a masseur at home. If you'd like, I can offer a workshop just for the two of you!