Is now the time to become more self-loving?

Do you want to look younger and more radiant?

💙 Rejuvenation without botox!
💙 Removing restrictive views on aging!
💙 A way to accept your body exactly as it is!
💙 Energy tsunami that allows you to move forward!
What is Energetic Facelift®?
It is a wonderful way to rejuvenate the face and body, which energetically removes the effects of aging. With a gentle, soothing touch on the face, neck and décolleté, it affects the regeneration of skin cells.
Access Energetic Facelift® gives our body the ability to free itself from the many limiting energies that lock into our face, head, chest and body.
This revitalizing, yet gentle technique can speed up and strengthen your body’s natural healing ability.

Energetic Facelift® is a lifting for your face, your body and your whole life.

What if it is possible to adore your body?

Možno je! 🙂

Energetic Facelift® is a technique that clears all the places where you do not accept your body completely, as it helps to transform all judgments and beliefs about what your body should be like.

It helps to confidently show our face to the world.

The technique is extremely nurturing. It's like being at a foot massage and facial at the same time in your private jacuzzi.
It is performed on the face, neck, décolleté and head with gentle touches. If necessary, it is also used on other parts of the body.

It affects the whole body and brings new energy, more dynamism and will to life.

Some of the effects of an energy facelift on the face are:

💙fresh and youthful appearance,
💙wrinkles become less pronounced,
💙eyelids shrink or even disappear,
💙tight skin (also on the body),
💙the expression on the face is much more relaxed, calm, fresh and radiant.

All this is in most cases visible after a single therapy.

In addition, all the judgments we have about our body begin to dissolve, which means that we find it easier to accept ourselves and show ourselves to the world with confidence.

"When you change your attitude toward your body, your attitude toward everything in your life changes."Gary Douglas - Pioneer of Access Consciousness®®

After Facelift treatments, customers noticed:

💙 fewer wrinkles and tight lines
💙 improved vision,
💙 shiny look
💙 strength and tension of facial muscles and the whole skin,
💙 faster healing and softening of scars,
💙 healthier skin and overall appearance,
💙 alleviation of pimples and acne,
💙 renewal of internal organs,
💙 dynamic changes in life,
💙 energized body,
💙 clarity,
💙 firmness and lifting of the chest and buttocks,
💙 greater ability to receive,
💙 greater ability to enjoy,
💙 greater acceptance of their body.

What if a completely different reality is possible for you, your body, and your life?

And what if body aging is just a limited belief?

Treat yourself to deluxe pampering for all the palates of your body!

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