Are you willing to invite a whole new reality into your life? A brand new awareness of yourself and of your body?

Access Consciousness® body processes will show you the way and help you get there.

Our body is a sensitive, sensory organism that has its own wisdom. It gives us awareness of ourselves, of the world around us, and has the ability to give us access to a greater awareness.

What if the body knows things our mind doesn’t know?

There are several different techniques available, which can be combined depending on your needs. Here are only some of the most commonly used:

MTVSS energy technique is so universal that it can be used in thousands of different ways and will create a different option each time. It can eliminate the malfunction of all body parts and has the effects of a complete body renewal.
To name just a few areas where we can use MTVSS: to activate and strengthen the immune system, to eliminate the effects of all past traumas on the body, to eliminate all malfunctioning processes, to eliminate the effects of body aging, to overcome physical strains more easily, like long hiking, intensive sports, childbirth… etc., to renew ill organs and as a holistic body process, to destroy the programming that has distorted our body’s plan in order to better fit into the matrix of this reality.
It can be used on the whole body, as well as on individual organs to improve the functioning of metabolic system, respiratory system, central nervous system, digestive system, dermal system (skin), skeleton, lymphatic and hormonal system and reproductive system.

Vision correction - for better vision and insight. It can increase clairvoyance and heal sinus problems.

Restoring the connection with Earth – in case of depression, lethargy or a sense of disconnection from the environment.

Cellular memory – to heal injuries, faster recovery after operations, etc.

Zero sum of trauma - performed in cases where the body has been traumatized.

Magnetic attraction - eliminates programs that attract us to people who are not kind and caring with us.

Circuits – beneficial after operations, in case of bodily injuries, in case of ADHD.

Biomimetic and biomimetric imitation – removing our imitation of other people.

De-molecular manifestation and molecular de-manifestation (DMMD) - creation of something where it did not exist before and/or decomposing something that exists.

Deletion of fat cellsthat lock the senses as a permanent source of repeal of the being.

What if you could use your body as a tool to help increase awareness?

Book your session now and gift your body and soul with a magnficient, beneficent and healing treatment they deserve.

I also offer other Access Consciousness® body processes – there are more than 60 and all of them are done by laying hands on the body.

I organize workshops where you can learn the techniques yourself. Then you can attend exchanges, conduct the techniques on yourself, your family members or on your clients.