Pogovarjajte se z entitetami. Piran.

Did you know that we have Access to something that never ever has been on this Planet before and that I am so so so grateful!
The real Magic that we create together ones we see that there is no separation!
There is only you being part of something undefinable and might you choose undeniably!
Is it time to give up your story and truly start contributing to consciousness taking over the planet by actually being HAPPY?
If you want to be there, this is my invitation to you.
This 2.5-day class consists of the Talk To The Entities Intro & NEW The Beginning. You can choose the Intro or the full class.
Everyone can join the Intro, no prerequisite required.
Prerequisite for the full class – Access Bars Class
Kmalu prevedem v slovenščino!!!
Seminar bo potekal v čudovito prenovljeni hiši s pogledom na Sečoveljske soline.
Za info in prijave o seminarju ali nastanitvi, me kontaktirajte: [email protected].

The event is finished.


Sep 23 - 25 2022


19:00 - 17:00
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