energijska terapevtka access bars na obali in na gorenjskem, radovljica

I am a reflexologist, certified facilitator of Access Bars® and Access Energy Facelift® (BF and AFF), CFMW, SOP practitioner, certified angel therapist, Usui Reiki master and yoga teacher for adults and children.

I studied social work and psychosocial support.

I am co-founder of the first holistic center in Slovenian Istria.

I have 20 years of experience in various holistic techniques that help create a better quality of life.

The holistic approach I use is a unique combination of different techniques, spiced with a pinch or two of intuition and is individually tailored to you and your preferences.

All the techniques I use have been tested on me and on many others. They have brought a lot of inspiring changes into my life, a new freedom and a new attitude to literally everything.

I am constantly gaining new knowledge from Slovenian and international teachers because personal growth and spreading knowledge are some of my top priorities.

At the age of fifteen, I became interested in the world of energies and Eastern philosophy.

That’s when I started practicing yoga, which I later also started teachingl. I took a hatha yoga and mudra teacher's course with Sabrina Meško phD.

Vodila sem tečaje joge za odrasle, otroke in tečaj družinske joge v Ljubljani ter na Primorskem.

Constantly learning, exploring myself and the beautiful corners of our planet, and my own experience of overcoming limiting patterns have shaped me into who I am today.

Now I am happy to share effective techniques for more freedom and opportunities with you, as I love working with people who are committed to progress and going beyond themselves.

I am here to stand by you and empower you in what you truly are.

You are a glorious creature capable of much, much more than you ever imagined.

Is now the time to put yourself first and shine?

And if not now, when?