Refleksoterapija v Luciji

"Feet are the mirror of our soul."

These are the words of Ana Korošec, a renowned reflexologist and author of the book Feet Health, who is also my teacher and mentor. And indeed, the feet reflect the state of the whole organism, individual organs, as well as the emotional and energetic states of a person.

Reflexology helps with:
better psycho-physical well-being, increases energy, supports the immune system, in case of insomnia, stress, stimulates body's natural healing abilities.
The feet are often an overlooked, forgotten part of the body, which in fact represents the entrance to individual's depths and too many aspects of our existence.
Reflexology is based on the knowledge that each part of the body responds to a specific spot on the feet.

By pressing on these spots, we can relax and balance the entire body.

This way we stimulate the self-healing abilities of the body. Balance and harmony are restored.

Reflexotherapy combines ancient eastern knowledge and modern approaches of western medicine.

It was used in various cultures around the world thousands of years ago and is still used today with great benefits.

The technique is intended for better well-being, relaxation, deepening the relationship with oneself and overcoming emotional, energetic and other challenges.

The process takes place on several levels: physical, emotional, energetic and spiritual.

I perform the massage with gentle, flowing movements, which still work deeply and reach all the way to the roots.

Recommendation : walk barefoot whenever possible! Let your feet reconnect with the energy of the Earth.

Available PACKAGES: 5 plus 1 free and 10 plus 3 free.

I offer individual treatments and workshops where you learn the techniques.