Massage your feet!

Refleksoterapija v Luciji
Reflexology is a preventive method for maintaining health and a completely natural holistic approach to human treatment and a way to activate your body's self-healing abilities.

How did reflexology come about?

It is difficult to imagine that we can influence the whole body through the feet.
However, the studies and experience of many reflexologists speak in favor of numerous benefits of reflex foot massage.
The knowledge of reflexology was passed down from generation to generation among many cultures from different parts of the world. It was first scientifically presented in the early 20th century.
Dr. William Fitzgerald developed t. i. zonal method with which he proved that all parts of the body are interconnected.
He made an interesting experiment during which he stuck a needle in a man's face. The man didn't feel any pain because Dr. Fitzgerald had previously pressed a specific point on his palm, which corresponded to the area on his face. His student, physiotherapist Eunice Ingham, developed the method further and proved that there are precisely defined points on the feet that correspond to all parts of the body. Her detailed foot map is still the basis of reflexotherapy treatment of the feet.

When to choose reflexology?

Reflexology is effective for healing of many problems.
In particular, its effects are reflected in:
  • activation of the immune system and consequently increased resistance of the whole organism,
  • impact on the respiratory system and relief from various diseases,
  • detoxification – cleans the body from harmful toxins,
  • help with various imbalances in the body, digestive and menstrual disorders, stress, insomnia, headaches, constipation,
  • relieving back pain; in the lower back and neck, sciatica and muscle tension along the spine,
  • psycho-physical relaxation, relief of restlessness and anxiety,
  • deep relaxation - helps you sleep deeper,
  • positive impact on emotional and mental balance.

How can we take care of our own well-being and health?

Today, there are really many techniques and ways that anyone who decides to take the best care of themselves and their health can follow. Unfortunately, money is often the only interest of those who promise us better health. Therefore, I believe that we need to become as self-sufficient as possible, not only in the field of home-grown food, but also in the field of health and well-being.


The feet are a part of the body that we often forget about, so it is that much more important that we pay attention to them as well.
I recommend that you do a foot massage in the evening, when you're done with all the obligations and have some time for yourself.
  1. First, take a warm bath,in which you dissolve two heaped tablespoons of sea salt (this way you can conjure up a summer atmosphere). Salt detoxifies the body and at the same time, supplies it with minerals.
  2. If desired, you can add dry lavender flowers, rosemary or any other herb you have on hand.
  3. A 10 minute bath will be already enough.
  4. Then massage your feet well with natural oil, to which you have added a few drops of lavender essential oil, if desired. ..
  5. Don't forget to massage the instep and the area around ankles.
  6. Give some attention also to each finger separately.
  7. With this kind of massage you will not only sleep peacefully, but also take care of your general well-being.
Treat yourself to a foot self-massage at least once a week – you deserve it!
Namig: masažo stopal si lahko izmenjate tudi s partnerjem in si tako poživite večere. 😉