»I received a valuable gift from Ana  - Access Bars therapy. My experience is special to me because, despite my preference for alternative healing approaches (I practice yoga and Reiki myself, for example), I am by nature skeptical of novelties, as I perceive them as a flood of miraculous solutions typical of consumer society. I was persuaded by Ana's confession and experience, which stood before me as a 'living proof', that the method actually creates Copernican twists and turns in a fairly short period of time (e.g. a few weeks or months). The first therapy already gave me amazing results: a feeling of empty head and inner peace. Do you know how optimistic and open the attitude becomes when the head is empty and without forced thoughts?! When you are not hampered by countless (learned) ideas, fears or self-censorship? This feeling just went on and on, there were waves when I noticed two or three weeks later that I was changing attitudes, e.g. in terms of finances, relationships, a secure future, in short - confidence in life and in yourself. I am convinced that people have been given a gift with which we can improve the world, make it more tolerant, optimistic and cheerful.

dr. Andreja Breznik