Access Bars® opens up new spaces in your life where muuuuuch more is possible than you can imagine at the moment.

What if it is possible to feel joy, freedom and happiness every single day?

Gentle and relaxing pressure on certain points on the head erases limiting beliefs, attitudes, and subconscious patterns which block you from living all your potentials. This is how you access a life where there are more opportunities, more freedom, joy and contentment.

Access Bars® is, at worst, a divinely relaxing head massage, and at best, it has the potential to change your entire life!
Beyond the limitations to the life you have always dreamed of is possible!

What if those forgotten dreams you had as a child are possible?

It is scientifically proven that during the treatment with a gentle touch of 32 points (bars) on the head, the brain goes into the theta state - a state of deep relaxation. Body’s self-healing is then activated and a space of new awareness opens up in your life. In this state, we access subconscious patterns. With Access Bars®, we “delete” areas on the hard drive of our brains that prevent us from being truly free and happy.

Above all, Access Bars® is a technique that gives you more of yourself! The unnecessary ballast with which we have limited our wonderful Being is removed. You stop caring about what others think and want from you, and you start asking yourself: What do I know about it / what do I really want in life / what kind of life do I want to create if there are no limits?

The good news is that limitations exist only in the head and that they can be removed quickly, elegantly and without delving into the trauma and drama of the past. How can it be even better than this?

Access Bars® treatment really gives you the opportunity to create a life of your own.

It is suitable for everyone and has a very wide range of action.

The results of a study involving 167 individuals. After one Access Bars® session, the following was reported:

  • pain reduction by 84.93%
  • anxiety reduction by 87.27%
  • stress reduction by 92.98%
  • increase of feelings of happiness by 91.37%

What if what we are really most afraid of is not our shadow, but our greatness?

Are you willing to explore what all is possible when we acknowledge our majesty?

Individual treatments and workshopswhere you learn the techniques are available. Please contact me for more information.