5 tips for an effective immune system

Our health and psychophysical well-being are affected by several factors, so a holistic approach to supporting the immune system is crucial.

Here are five recommendations to support your immune system.

1. Healthy diet
2. Activities in the fresh air
3. Quality sleep
4. Peace of mind and positive attitude
5. Energy flow
We are probably all aware of the importance of a healthy diet, adequate rest and exercise in the fresh air for our health and general psychophysical well-being.
Just as the body needs to be taken care of, some attention must also be paid to reducing stress and relaxing with the activities we love. At this time, when the hand hygiene is very much emphasized, I would also like to mention the importance of hygiene of the mind and emotions.
After all, as the Dalai Lama says, peace in the world depends on peace in the hearts of individuals.
I will introduce you to the MTVSS energy technique, which is performed by laying hands on our body and is very effective in supporting the immune system.
It is one of the 70+ different Access Consciousness® energy techniques used to reduce pain, trauma, improve vision, speed up body's recovery from injury and exertion, embody joy, improve mobility, energy flow, and more.
Access’s energy techniques are an invitation to a whole new reality, to a new awareness of ourselves and of our body.
They allow our body to return to a state of balance, which helps with regeneration and longevity.
What if you could use your body as a tool to help increase awareness?
What if the body knows things our mind doesn’t know?

MTVSS is so universal that we can use it in thousands of different ways and it will create a different possibility every time.

It eliminates improper functioning of the body and completely renews it.

To name just a few areas where we use MTVSS:

  • to activate and strengthen the immune system
  • to annihilate the consequences of all past traumas in the body
  • to annihilate all malfunctioning processes
  • to eliminate the effects of aging on the body
  • to help overcome physical strain during exercise, hiking in the mountains, childbirth, etc.
  • to restore ill organs
  • as a complete body process to destroy the programming that has distorted our body’s plan in order to fit the matrix of this reality

It can be used on the whole body, as well as on individual organs to improve performance of:

  • metabolic system
  • respiratory system
  • central nervous system
  • digestive system
  • dermal system (skin)
  • skeleton
  • lymphatic system
  • hormonal system
  • reproductive system
Our body is a sensitive, sensory organism that is aware of everything.
It gives us awareness of ourselves, of the world around us, and has the ability to give us access to even greater awareness.
What would your life look like if you started to communicate with your body?